Sunday, March 13, 2016

Grapefruit Day

Today was warm for March. Not balmy, not too sunny, but warm enough that Luci and I went outside to draw on the sidewalk with chalk. She didn't want her coat. Oh, this girl and clothes, she would still just rather wear as little as possible, but is starting to embrace fashion at times, and the practicality of warmth. So she ran back in for her jacket, and we drew a lot. 

Then she was hungry, and she asked me to list the fruit we had on hand. Of the available options, she selected grapefruit. We went inside to get one. She picked it out, the first one we saw being a little wrinkly looking. So she selected a good one, I cut it in half and she went right to the drawer for the grapefruit spoons.

I started to instruct her on the best way to dig out the sections, but she assured me she had this. And I, I let her go for it. I'm aware of how much I sometimes think I know best, and lately I'm getting much better at standing back and giving them space to find their own way. Just a grapefruit, afterall.

So back outside we went. She plopped into my lap, and settled there to feed herself the grapefruit. Oh, to be so present every day. I held her, felt her warm, wiggly body, intent on that grapefruit, and was just oh so glad to be there. We had all the time we needed for her to slowly dig out those sections, and eat them. In the end, we were both a little sticky, the grapefruit was perhaps not as fully harvested as possible, but she was quite pleased with herself, and I with myself. 

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