Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mommy, it snowed!

It's likely to be a green Christmas this year. Daytime temperatures have been hovering around the low 50s, and sometimes creeping into the 60s. I'm told El Nino weather patterns will push the cold and moisture south and west of us. After 2 frigid winters full of arctic blasts and heavy snow, I'm good with that.

My girls, however, have other ideas. They want some snow to play in. This morning morning they popped up and peaked out the window. "Mommy, it snowed!" they exclaimed. "A little or a lot?" I asked, knowing not much had been predicted. "Kind of a lot, it's covering some areas," was the answer.

The scene in our yard this morning looks like this.

Cute, was my first thought, they're excited. Then another thought hit me......

It's really all in how you view it. To me, it was not much. To them, it was SNOW! I think I have a lot to learn about abundance and gratitude from these two. I'm grateful this morning to be mama to these two, and to have a few moments quiet enough to stop, reflect, and see what's right here in front of me.

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rosaria williams said...

Happy holidays, with or without snow.