Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Blog, February 11, 2014, Banana Chips

Dear Blog,

I haven't written in you in a long time. I'm busy. I have two children, I work, it's winter and we tend to be sick more, etc, etc.....

But I like to write, have since I was young, (which I don't feel at all these days), so I eventually find my way back here.

I don't have anything dramatic or fascinating to share, just part of an ordinary day.....

Tonight we made banana chips.

Patrick found bananas on sale and brought home about 5 pounds, so we decided to freeze some for smoothies and make banana chips in the dehydrator.

It fell to me to process them, as these things often do. I thought I'd do it with the girls, or maybe all four of us, after dinner. But everyone went their separate ways, which is actually unusual for us, in the evening. So I proceeded to slice on my own while Helena worked on a book report (extra credit, "overachieving", she calls it), Lucy cruised around doing what Lucy does (less writing on walls, these days, thankfully) and Patrick continued a tutorial he'd started.

Then, in the midst of my fairly even, 1/8" slices, Lucy showed up and wanted to help. I don't know when I became such a perfectionist, but somehow parenthood seems to have brought that out more in me...something about the so full days and trying to get it all done, ugh!

For a split second I hesitated and then handed her the knife (yes, my two year old is actually quite competent with a knife, supervised, of course). Her slices ranged from thin scraps to 1.5" chunks (which I later did thin out), and it was, of course, all just fine and fun, with her help.

Her attention span for such things is about 10 minutes, and then she was off to something else. But not before I was treated to a song while we worked, which went something like:

"I' always wanted to slice bananas, I always wanted to slice bananas, I always wanted to slice bananas......"

Sometimes I'm the rushed, hurried mom who just needs to get things done, but, thank goodness, sometimes I'm the other type, the one who can just hang out and slice bananas, in any shape or size.