Monday, December 15, 2014


I have been mulling about life transitions lately. I am in the midst of one right now. I am in the processing of leaving one workplace, where I've been for almost 7 years, and taking over a job that has been held since 1989. Kind of big stuff, if you think about it. 

I think as humans, a lot of us anyway, like to to try and find a comfortable spot, whether it be a home, a job, a relationship or other familiar situation, and hold on to it as best we can. There's probably some evolutionary reason for this, which I could research and reference.

But the fact is life is really in constant motion. All things are evolving and changing all of the time, sometimes visibly, sometimes imperceptibly, but nothing is really constant. We grab that handful of sand and squeeze, and the more we hold, the faster it slips through our fingers. 

I like to look at the seasons for a pretty tangible example of this. We are in the darkest time of year, in the Northern hemisphere, approaching the shortest day, and yet we are at the same time moving toward lengthening days, albeit colder ones, for awhile yet.

I got news yesterday that a good friend lost his father suddenly. And I had to acknowledge that I have reached the time in life where my contemporaries and I are beginning to bury our parents. I have already buried my mother. I hold onto my father as tightly as I can, and pray that more time is left, but also know that it is finite in a way that I felt but couldn't completely acknowledge when I was younger.

This is the natural order of things and yet it's still hard for me to grasp. We grew up together, graduated, dated, married, had children, some of us divorced, some still will, and now our parents are aging. We all are, but it seems clearer some how, with the very young and the older. Life is moving, and eternal, but also finite, in the way the we see it right now.

My mom was a lover of paradox, and I have fought against it, found it annoying and intangible, but I think know she was probably on to something. Finding a way to embrace this is probably the key, if not to happiness, than at least to peace. And living and loving well in the here and now is really all that we have. 

Deep thoughts for a Monday. Be well!