Monday, June 30, 2014

June, the Gardener's patient month.

Today is June 30. Summer is truly here. Kids are out of school, the days and nights are hot and steamy.

I have decided that June is the patient month for the gardener. The time of mostly watching and waiting. 

My lettuce is in full production now, and our salads are lush, but simple unless we buy vegetables to add. I wander through my garden now, pull a few weeds, add a few things, and mostly watch the progress of it all, but there's not much to do, much to harvest. It's just time to watch, wait, and turn to other things. 

In a few short weeks we will be eating green beans, cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, and more. But now is a time of quiet in the garden. These quiet interludes in life are good, to be savored.

Happy Monday!

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rosaria williams said...

Ah, I'm ahead of you for once. we are harvesting peas and fava already, and berries. Can't wait for cucumbers and beans and zucchini...You have warmer summer, so tomatoes and peppers can truly bring the summer goodies. We, we keep planting more peas and lettuces...enjoying a double spring of sorts.
Good to see you around. Thanks for stopping by.