Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Blog..March 6, 2014...The Sunny Route

Dear Blog,
Last Friday I took the long way to work, just because it's prettier. No, not really prettier, it's all pretty around here. I look around and I have to acknowledge that this place that I have chosen to call home is visually spectacular.

But not very sunny, especially in winter. So I took the sunnier route. Longer, a little slower, but worth it, to be sure. I may be on to something here, you think?

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rosaria williams said...

I'm so glad I dropped in today. Yes, indeed, take those walks, find some rest where you can. Know that you are overworked and super busy for a good reason; know that this too will pass, and you will look back and wonder how you did it all.
Sunny days are just around the corner.