Saturday, August 31, 2013

Farewell dear little friend

This morning we held Sauntee, our kitty companion for nearly 20 years as she took her last breaths. And such is the circle of life.

Everyone who knew her knows what a sweet, gentle spirit she was. She never scratched our furniture, never jumped on the counters, only later, in her more forgetful years did she eat food that wasn't offered to her (who can resist fresh chicken when the plate is on the floor?). She tolerated playing dress up with Helena with a fair amount of grace and never scratched a human being, maybe because she considered herself one of us. Cats, on the other hand, were fair game and barely deserving of her notice.

She was most content on our laps, or in any available lap, and perversely, as cats are wont to, would seek out the lap of the least cat loving individual around as if to say, "the right cat can make a cat lover of anyone." Sauntee was the right cat without a doubt.

RIP dear small companion, I'm so grateful for all of the life we shared. I miss you already.