Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Catching the moment....

Sometimes, as I go through my days, I suddenly realize I've had my head down, nose to the grindstone, so to speak, so much that I'm missing the beauty of this moment, the richness of this beautiful place where I live. Today though, when taking time out with the girls for a little fun, it struck me, and it took my breath away.

We're travelling, this week, to my home town, where half my heart still lives, along with so many loved ones, friends and family both, who still reside there. Always, when I make the journey home (I still think of it as home, even after 10 years), I ponder this choice we made to live to far from so many dear ones. My father is here, and my youngest siblings (but I expect them to spread their wings and fly elsewhere in the not too distant future) and some friends here who have become very dear. 

If I were to make a map though, of just our families, there would be a few pins for those of us in New York, one in Maryland, and literally dozens West of the Mississippi, with the vast majority concentrated between San Diego and San Francisco.

My girls know this as home, have only known New York as home. I look around at the rich beauty of the area, so green, so lush, and so more peaceful, relatively speaking, than big city life on the west coast. And I wonder, what is best. I'm grateful for the opportunity to go back once again, try it on for size, see if it still fits, and ponder some more.

But, for this moment, I will enjoy the rich beauty of the right here and now, and wish you the same.