Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Healthy Go to Meals 2, Chicken with Lentils

Continuing with the theme of quick and healthy, here was another recent hit.

Chicken with Lentils, found at A good friend mentioned this meal on facebook months ago and it stuck with me, so I finally got around to finding a recipe.

Click here for the recipe

This recipe requires a bit of cooking time, but minimal prep work, just some quick chopping. It could probably be finished in a crockpot..I may try that next time. I especially love throwing something in the crockpot on a work day morning and coming home to dinner ready to go.

I served it with a green salad the night of Helena's school concert to my little family plus grandpa and auntie. It went over well.

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Jane said...

Happy New Year, Diana! That looks like a tasty recipe. I've bookmarked it. I am always looking for meals that pack the nutrition while being easy to prepare.