Monday, December 31, 2012

Right Now 12/31/12

Right now, on this last day of 2012:

- I am breathing a little more easily now that the holiday rush is over

- I am contemplating 2013 and the changes I would like to make. I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions, but I do like to take time to take stock and make some adjustments. Now, as the light is returning and life is a bit calm, is a good time for that

- I am sitting between joy and grief and trying to reconcile the two

- I am looking at our pretty holiday tree for one of the last mornings and wishing I could have taken it in more. My heart is not as open as I would like it to be just now

- I am grateful for a good night's sleep with my teething daughter

- I am grateful to still be here, growing and learning even though it hurts sometimes

- I am grateful for the small people in my life who keep me grounded in the goodness and sweetness of it all

- I am learning to accept that loss is part of life

- I am imagining the garden that is ready to come to life in a few short months, despite being buried in all of this snow

- I am waiting for what is next and learning not to brace anymore

- I am deeply grateful for the quiet

wishing you rich joy in 2013