Monday, October 29, 2012

Doing the Prep Work

I just finished reading this article on how to properly prepare painted trim for repainting. We repainted the walls of our little upstairs bath more than 2 years ago, but haven't gotten to the trim. Wow, are there a lot of steps to the prep.

I'm a get to the painting kind of person, I really don't like the prep so very much. But the results, when I don't prepare, are not the same, and quiet frankly, usually not as good.

I've recently had the opportunity of sharing the office where I work part time with someone new, who is very organized. It's been an enlightening experience. She spent a lot of time setting up the space so that the flow of paperwork, which we handle a lot of, works well. A LOT of time. And it works REALLY well. And she still spends a fair amount of time maintaining the organization and flow of the space, maybe nearly as much time as actually doing the work.

But the most amazing thing about all of this is that it all gets done, and, some of you may not be shocked by this, "with a lot more grace and flow because of the prep work."

This is not rocket science, really, but I'm still surprised by it. Somehow, in my training for life, the prep work was either a)ignored, or b) I was too impatient to pay attention to that lesson. Doesn't really matter. Now, I'm prepping. It feels slow, and a little painful, to move so, seemingly, imperceptibly towards my goals. But there is a point, in every process, where the prep work seems to pay off all at once, and everything accelerates near the end. Ah progress!

One could liken prep work, in a Zen sort of way, to enjoying the journey. If painting is the destination, then prep work is the journey, and the prep is the most of it. So why not enjoy the prep work (journey)? 

I, for one, am finding it important to enjoy the prep work. The race to the finish line comes to an end all too quickly. The scenery along the way, is not to be missed.