Saturday, February 11, 2012

Make Ahead Meal Inspiration Sought....

Mondays are our marathon day, starting with dropping Helena at school (she's in a 2 day a week homeschool enrichment program, which she loves, and which meets her socials needs) in the morning, then I'm home to work and care for Lucy and get as much done paperwork-wise as possible, then pick Helena up at 3, not enough time to go home, so we run errands or relax at the YMCA until her karate class at 5, which usually starts closer to 5:15 and runs over until about 6:30, getting us home at about 7:15 by the time she changes and we make the drive.

Oh, there are so many times when I have wanted to cancel this Monday evening karate class, but I can't bring myself to do it. She loves it, is learning so much and gaining so much self-esteem and sense of personal power from it, that it seems worth the sacrifice. So how to make Mondays work better?

We've tried eating out, which is less than desirable for the budget, but seemed worth a shot. But for whatever reason, we don't seem to get to bed any earlier that way.....chalk it up to the inevitable after dinner sillies (energy burst) that kids seem to get, but we seem to need wind down time either way. So being home is actually better.

Therefore, I'm in search of ideas for make ahead meals that are either ready in the crock pot or that Patrick can pop in the oven so we can sit down and eat when we get home.

This week I'm making a chicken pot pie (a favorite of Helena's), but I could sure use some more ideas, any thoughts?