Sunday, January 22, 2012

This week....January 22, 2012

This week we....

....finally got some snow...Helena is off for a sledding date with Blythe in a few moments.

And I....

....did play with the girls, both of them, and it was rich and lovely. 7 year-olds are so great at creating complex games full of silliness. 4+ month-olds can giggle at the simplest things, like eating mommy's nose. This will make every week's to do list

....finished a crocheted hat, meant as a Christmas gift, but it will be ready for Valentine's Day.

....picked up another crocheted hat I started last year, and hope to finish it over the next week...

....stood by and observed with joy tinged with bitter-sweetness as my biggest girl took some big steps toward independence. And I spelled for her many of the words used in her journal entries and knew that the day when her thoughts are no longer always an open book to me is coming, faster than I want it to.

....fully accepted how tired a mama juggling sleepless nights with full days can get, and spent most of a day in bed. And the world kept spinning....

....acknowledged that my expectations for what I can accomplish in a day have long been unrealistic, and even more so now.  Tried less, was frustrated less, and enjoyed more.

....was read to by my daughter as much as I read to her, wow!

How was your week?