Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Types of Lasagna

This is our garden, put to bed for winter. Last year we tried "lasagna", or layered, no dig gardening, and although we didn't plant a lot, due to my pregnancy and the need to set up the garden space, I was thrilled with the results. At the end of fall, we covered it up with the leaves  that had fallen and it is waiting for spring. We also planted fall garlic, which we should be able to harvest in early summer. I've never done this before, so I'll let you know how it goes. I bought Romanian Garlic bulbs at Agway...large cloves with a medium flavor...

And this is the Lasagna I made, following Rosaria's recipe here. It was the best Lasagna I've made or eaten...and freezes really well. Rosaria's blog, Loving Real Food, has some wonderful, simple recipes, often with an Italian flair. Check it out.

Try the lasagna with some Razor's Edge Cabernet if you can find it. It was recommended by our local wine shop and it is some of the best wine we've tasted....many friends agree. We got the 2006 we can only get 2008, but it's also very good. From the McLaren Vale region in Australia.


rosaria said...

Oh, you are kind!
That looks scrumptious!

Jane said...

I work for a wine producer and I love using some of our wines to cook with. I think wine adds a nice finishing touch to a dish. This looks awesome! I haven't made lasagne in years.