Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some New Recipe Favorites...

Good morning! Good, restful sleep is such a beautiful thing!

Here are a couple of new to us recipes we've been loving that you may enjoy trying...

Baked Quinoa Patties, recommended by Lori, thank you! And found here. These are light, delicious, and filling. The seasoning is reminiscent of falafel, but they're lighter and legume free...important for me these days, since legumes seem to hurt Lucy's tender little tummy when I eat them...ahhh, but I really do miss them. I served them topped with yogurt, yum! I also used dried herbs...about 2 TBSP dried chives and 1 TBSP dried dill, in place of fresh.

Eastern European Vegetable Stew
From Moosewood, found here. Not sure what it is about this recipe, but all that root veggie goodness just really hits the spot. I've served it to my parent's and siblings a few times as well, and it's always a huge hit. Serve with some crusty bread and maybe some red wine?

Biscuit Topped Chicken and Root Veggie Stew
This is a bit more decadent, but another great root veggie recipe. Patrick and I both agreed that the biscuit to stew ratio was a bit heavy on the biscuits. Next time I'll double the stew portion or halve the biscuits. Find it here.

Happy Thursday and happy Eating!


Lori ann said...

Thank you Diana, I am bookmarking your recommendations, they sound delicious, soup is my favorite meal.
How is baby? Must be growing quickly!

Jane said...

These look good. I have a quinoa recipe booked marked here.

Happy weekend!!