Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Couple of New Favorite Recipes....

I mentioned briefly on Sunday that I had made gluten free, dairy free brownies, but feel like the recipe deserves a  bit more attention...

From Gluten Free Goddess, these brownies are really incredible, and I will be making them again, just because. My favorite brownies are the rich, fudgie kind, and these were exactly that. I used buckwheat flour in place of the rice flour because that was what we had on hand, and they were still great. The coconut oil adds a bit of coconut flavor, which I loved. I'll be making them this coming week for our friends who just had a new baby.....Papa happens to be gluten and dairy free, how convenient, will need to make a double batch :-)

From Kevin, at Closet Cooking. I have to admit to never having eaten Farro before, and needing to look it up to even know what it was. It's a grain, apparently similar to barley, grown in Italy. I used Millet in place of the Farro in this recipe, once again, because I had it on hand. I don't imagine it was at all like Farro, but the salad was excellent anyway. I'll look for Farro and try it again that way. I think it would also be great with Quinoa. I don't think I had ever roasted green beans before, and they were lovely this way...will cook them that way again just to eat plain. Kevin's blog has a lot of really yummy recipes I'm looking forward to trying.

Happy weekend!

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rosaria said...

Love Farro,btw.