Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bragging Rights....Energy Auditor Training for Teens in Ithaca

Have I mentioned before how awesome my husband is. If not, let me do so now, and give you one example.

Two weeks ago, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) and some other amazing and dedicated individuals, offered an Energy Auditing Training course for young people in our area (Ithaca, NY), with Patrick instructing (this is what he does).

14 young people, mostly high school age, but with one student in 8th grade and several being recent high school and college grads, took a week long BPI Building Analyst Certification Course, resulting in the opportunity for professional certification when testing requirements are met. The program was grant funded and all student were given 100% scholarships to attend.

The Building Analyst Certification will aid these students in entering the Green Jobs work force, and allow them to provide much needed auditing services in our area. We've already heard that one student who had been working as an intern, was offered a paid position in the field after completing the course.

In brief, an Energy Auditor evaluates homes and other buildings for energy loss, and makes safe and cost effective recommendations (recommendations that will pay the homeowner back in $$ not spent on heating, cooling and electric costs, in a relatively brief period of time) for changes to the home to save energy. Safety is a key factor in the training, because when you tighten up the air space in a home, it's critical to determine that all combustion appliances (those that can produce carbon monoxide) are installed, functioning, and vented properly.

Many New Yorkers qualify for a free energy audit through NYSERDA's Home Performance with Energy Star Program. Look HERE for more information. Small businesses and not-for-profits may also qualify. Details HERE. If you live in another state and are aware of a similar offering, please let me know. I'm working on content for Patrick's newly launched website and would love to add information about programs that other states are offering to our links page.

Regardless of your thoughts and feelings on the state of our global environment, (and I won't pretend mine aren't strong) an Energy Audit makes sense. Why not make some improvements and pay less for utilities. It's greener, and who couldn't think of a better way to spend that money?

The program was a success, and there are plans to repeat and expand it. I had the honor of helping in a small way with some of the administrative details involved in pulling this training together, and it was an altogether lovely experience. And I'm ever so proud of this husband of mine and the gifts he has to offer.