Thursday, July 7, 2011

CSA Love...Sweet Land Farm

Someday, I'm thinking winter-ish, when the compelling need to be outside soaking up sunshine is past, when the baby has arrived (only 8-ish weeks now, holy cow!), when life settles down a bit (am I really thinking this will happen?), I may again post more frequently. There's so little time these days, and this pregnancy has not come with the burst of energy I got halfway through when carrying Helena.

Part of accepting that, has been scaling things back a bit. The large garden we planned hasn't materialized. We have kale we're harvesting, and a few odds and ends we got in that will bear fruit later in the season, and the ground will be ready for a more serious endeavor next year, but we're not going to be primarily eating fresh foods that we grew ourselves this summer. 

Instead, we are enjoying the bounty of a weekly CSA share. We did this once before, while sharing a home with my parents for awhile, and I loved it then too. Having a box of who knows what each week taught me to eat things I hadn't given much thought too before, largely greens other than lettuce.

A good friend recommended Sweet Land Farm, and we are really loving it. I've heard there are other great CSAs in the area, but this one really works for us. They have this wonderful set up where you show up weekly and fill your bag with your choice of what's available then. We love this, because we get to try a little of the things we're unsure of, and really load up on what we're craving (can you say cilantro! so much salsa these days!).

Also, they have a take as much as you like section, largely greens now such as kale, collards and chard, and you can take as much as you can eat that week (not meant for stocking up and preserving). This gives us plenty of the greens we love, and we've been putting them in everything.

Bounty from the first week
Finally, they have a u-pick section, some of which is unlimited (we loaded up on basil this week), some of which is rationed...strawberries and sugar snap peas...mmmm! Oh, and flowers. Did I mention flowers? You could easily spend the $20-ish dollars a week per share on the flowers we've been picking.

Wishing you all the delights of summer's bounty!