Sunday, May 8, 2011

A fun twist on Root Veggies

Another bit of silver lining on the new adventure in eating is that we've discovered some yummy favorites we might not have otherwise encountered.

We're all big potato fans in the house, and, of course, this is off the list at the moment. We often do oven baked fries, planks of potatoes tossed in olive oil and spices and roasted. Instead, we decided to try turnips this way, and liked them so much that we tried rutabagas as well, and I even threw in some beets. Patrick couldn't eat these, but Helena loved them as did I. Now our 6 year old is enthusiastically eating all kinds of root veggies that I didn't even try until I was an adult. 

I used this recipe,, and, for the sake of Patrick's restrictions, omitted the Parmesan (no aged cheeses for him). I used granulated garlic in place of the garlic salt, and added a bit of salt to taste. 

These are easy and yummy.