Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taking a breath, taking stock, and a full moon......

Waxing moon, November 6, 2011

I woke up this morning feeling a bit sorry for myself...I'm loath to admit this, I, who abhor drama (except on the stage and screen, then I love it), was indulging in a bit of internal woe is me.  

Then a simple comment about loss  from a loved one via facebook reminded me of how very richly blessed I am, how little I have to ever complain about, and I'm better again. Thank you, dear cousin, for the reminder.

Thank you also Amanda, for the reminder to sit and just breath once in awhile...I do still have time for that, within my very full days.

I will be 40 in two days, and for just a brief bit I chose to look at my accomplishments (or lack thereof, really, is what I was focusing on), and sigh and start a small pity party. But the gentle reminders mentioned above have me back on track, so I've decided to focus instead on the triumphs of the last 10 years, and here is a short list, in somewhat chronological order:

- Left my home town and established a new life on the opposite side of the country, complete with amazing friends and new work in an unrelated field.

-Started a family with my wonderful husband: we now have to gorgeous girls. I can't take a lot of credit for them, they are amazing in their own right, but I blessed to be part of their journey and it's a wonderful part of my life now.

-Harnessed my underfed creativity and channeled it into something that fits well into my life right now: cooking. I was an adequate cook 10 years ago, now I'm a great cook, and unafraid to adventure into uncharted cuisine territories.

- Started writing again...this blog is my main outlet, and I love it, though I don't land here as often as I like. I love to write, and it feels great to do it after little writing time for years.

I could probably add to this list, but this is good for now.

The icing on the cake is that I get a full moon for my 40th birthday. Diana was the roman goddess of the moon and of the hunt, so it seems somehow appropriate.

Do you have any accomplishments you'd like to celebrate?


Miranda said...

It is too easy to judge ourselves by what we do not accomplish, but that is just silly because while we were failing to do what we thought we should be doing, we were doing OTHER things that in that moment were the right choices.
And, if you were having a good time doing those other things, where is the problem, really?

Have a lovely 40th!

Jane said...

I loved this post and it is so important to step back outside of the self-pity and count our accomplishments. I've been in a tough place for a while now but this post inspired me to take some stock in what I've done that is good. If it makes you feel better, I'm 47 and still picking on myself for some of the same things as you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
PS: I love coming here to visit so keep writing :)))

Jane said...

Just coming back to let you know I have a new home. Come over for a visit!