Friday, October 7, 2011

Simply Ten

Simply ten...ten simple things to be thankful for, inspired by Amanda Soule.

- Nearly a week of sun, after so many dark days.
- Good Coffee, mmmmmm
- Having the quiet house to myself for a bit (shared with a peacefully sleeping Lucy)
- Refrigerator stocked with CSA and garden bounty
- The beginnings of a meal plan, once again, after a long hiatus..ahhhh
- My favorite leftover soup for lunch
- My body, heading back to normal, after pregnancy and birth
- The image of Lucy falling asleep on Helena's chest (so grateful that the have each other)
- Wrapping up a big project before the sunny weekend=outdoor family time!
- Healthy,  growing baby girl (3+ pounds and 3 inches in 4 weeks!)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Do you have a Simply Ten List? Post or link to it in the comments, I'd love to take a peek!


rosaria said...

You are amazing!
And Lucy is doing great!
Glad to see you enjoying a tad of rest.
My ten:
1.We're managing our grief.
2.We're looking ahead, on how to stay involved.
3.Our home is comfortable and serene.
4.Our health is good.
5. We're upgrading the house, because it needs it, and because we need the distractions.
6. We are enjoying great weather.
7. We received so much love from all different sources the last few weeks.
8.9.10 Hubby and I are most appreciative of the beautiful life our son had, life we got to know better as people visited, worked on the garden, and shared with us. That gift warms us and comforts us every minute of our days.

Thanks for this prompt.

Patricia said...

This post was just what I needed...a pause to realign my thinking! My list:
1. I share my life with a truly wonderful man.
2. My health
3. An afternoon spent at my grandson's hockey game.
4. A loving email from my daugher-in-love
5. My radishes and lettuce are sprouting
6. My son's unbeat phone call
7. My mother's presence in my life
8. The clear sky over the Pacific Ocean this morning and we could see the mountains
9. The current book I am reading and enjoying!
10. That my knitting project is coming along beautifully.

Lori ann said...

hi diana,
i hope all is well with you and the family. how's the wee one? growing already i bet. :)

Jane said...

Love your list and I'm so happy that your little Lucy is bonding so nicely with her big sister!