Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For Fun and Vicarious Adventure....

My baby brother (we're 14 years apart, and I did change his diapers, thank you very much!), and his friend Jon are hiking the Appalachian Trail, the whole thing!

They're blogging periodically, via cell phone post (I think), when service is available. 

You can visit their blog here, if you  like.

These days, hiking from the basement (laundry) to the second floor (where most of it goes) is a pretty good hike for me, but I'm learning and having fun following their journey. "Trail Magic, " for example, is a new term to me, meaning when someone provides food on the trail for the hikers. Often this is done by past "Thru-Hikers," or people who have already hiked the whole trail themselves. They provide meals and other treats for those doing the trail now.

They left a month ago, and plan to be home sometime near the end of the summer. I wish I had done more of this sort of thing when I was younger...maybe when the kids are grown:-)


rosaria said...

It sounds like so much fun! After you have this baby, and get back to normal activities, you too can train for those adventures. And yes, don't put them off for too long. Life has a way of reaching an end and leaving crumbs behind.

Patricia said...

I have always admired people who have hiked the trail. A couple of times when we were traveling in the area we "stepped on" the trail...but to hike it in its entirety...what a goal! Sometimes, when we can't eat the whole pie, we just take a bite...a little mini-hike (walk) even in the neighborhood can change a perspective and invigorate...and take the kids!! Life is more interesting looking forward than viewed in the rear-view mirror! :-)

Jane said...

I'm definitely going to visit your brother's blog! That's something that Breen and I have on our wish list for "someday when we're empty nesters." I hope you're feeling great and enjoying this phase in your life.