Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hope & Nourishment

This has been an intense month or so. About a month ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The prognosis is good, very optimistic. Treatments have begun, and, she's responding very well.

I cannot describe the range of emotions I have moved through in this last month, and continue to feel.  I won't try, it's all to ethereal, changing from moment to moment for me.

The practical side of me wants, as always, to do something, to take action. Positive loving thoughts are in my mind and heart as often as I can bring them forth, and I use them to push past fear.

But I am still a hands on person, wanting always to dig in some how and contribute tangibly.

So I cook. Blessedly, this news coincided with gradual cessation of my morning sickness and return of my appetite. I will admit, from weeks 6-11 or so of this pregnancy, I was not much of a cook, and my family was probably bored silly with my repetitive cooking of the few things I could stomach. But now, food, with a very few exceptions, is good again, which is a very good thing when you're trying to fatten up you're sweet mama a bit.

I made this Cream of Asparagus Soup, with homemade bread using the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day Master Recipe.

I also made cream puffs for her...anyone who knows my mama knows she loves all types of whipped creams and custard. I used the recipe from my Betty Crocker Cookbook. The puff recipe I found here. The vanilla custard is not included in this link, but any from scratch vanilla custard would suffice. Or, you can use sweetened whipped cream, which is also quite good. 

Others have included my favorite Tomato Cabbage Soup, from this post. And Grecian Isle Stew. With bread, as always.

Although my first thought was to feed my mom, in the process, I'm also feeding my sister (still at home) and father, who are her main onsite supports right now, and that also feels wonderful. They too, must be experiencing some version of this range of emotion. My dad mentioned to me last week how much he's been enjoying the soups I've been bringing. It warmed my heart.

For me, action brings hope. I'm so grateful for something, anything I can do that is helpful. Grateful that this has all come about at time when medicine has taken such great strides forward toward more effective, less invasive treatments. So grateful too, that my mom is getting such good care, and that she feels so good about it all. Although at times I'm still SO scared, it's all really so very good.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Proof of Spring

March is a fickle month around here. It can be 50 one day, and 20 the next. We can have rain which melts most of the snow, and the next day....

Aha, says old man winter, I'm not done with you yet, and dumps another 15 inches....sigh.

But we've since had more rain, which has melted much of this, and despite a very gray weekend, and more snow this morning as I write...spring really will come.

Sometimes, oh faithless me, I need visual proof of this eventuality. So I went digging through some of last years photos....

It really is coming!