Friday, January 28, 2011

Breaking Radio (web, really) Silence with a Small Announcement

I have not been here much in the last month. Not here in this writing space, and not visiting other blogs much, either. 

It isn't that I'm not interested to read what others are saying, I always am. And it isn't that I don't have much to say, I always do!

But big changes are afoot here, and I have been more see, our family is expanding to add another person at the end of the summer, and I'm not quite myself these days. Or maybe more so. 

This journey into parenthood has been ever so interesting, with all it's beauty, wonder, and amazing twists and turns. Our daughter has brought so much richness into my life that it's difficult even to express it all. And now, another small person is growing quietly in my body, and everything is changing once again, and I can't wait to see who this person will be. What a gift, to be the conduit for new life.

I hope to be around here more often as things settle out a the moment I'm pretty well consumed with just managing the basics while eating nearly constantly, and trying to stave off near constant nausea. But for the moment, it's eat, rest, get a few things done, and dream.


Miranda said...

Whoa, BIG announcement, you mean! Congratulations!!

Lori ann said...

that is not a small announcement diana!! that is wonderful news! how thrilled you and your family must be!
thank you for sharing here, big changes indeed. i know how early stages of pregnancy can be (all stages actually) and the nausea is hard to go through when you have it. it helped me to keep in mind that things were going as they ought to be (the little one was growing right along!).

many blessing to you all,
take good care,

**Anne** said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you for sharing your exciting news with us in blogland. I hope the nausea abates soon and you start to feel better.
Please let us know how you are getting on and when your new little one is due.
Take care.

rosaria said...

Oh Diana, congratulations! What a lovely piece of news. Take good care of yourself.

Jane said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am so happy to hear this news. You and your family must be thrilled. It's no small wonder you've been occupied elsewhere for the time being. When you're ready, you'll get back in to the swing of blogging. In the meantime, enjoy all these moments! I've moved my blog to


Jane said...

So sorry you are having problems reading my new blog. Try again at:

Also, I reopened the old blog again so that people can find me :)

Hope all is well at your end :)