Saturday, November 6, 2010

When Life Gives You a Broken Refrigerator....

Make yogurt....sigh...

I'm feeling a bit wry, but also stretching for gratitude today. 

We have been sick, one or the other, if not all three, since late September. Not with anything really serious, just nasty, tenacious flus and colds. Ugh. Helena has been the one most persistently ill with a cough that keeps coming and going (and finally seems to be going, thankfully!), with me feeling vaguely ill for the last 4 weeks or so, and only developing strong symptoms (coughing that won't quit) this week, and Patrick getting hit fast and hard, also this week with flu. Blah.

So here's the gratitude I've mustered up on behalf of this lingering malaise....

- I'm truly, deeply grateful that in general I'm fit and healthy. I can somewhat imagine what dealing with chronic illness must be like, and I'm thankful that this is temporary.

- I'm grateful for the ability to keep some levity in our days despite the often overwhelming cranky vibe around here these days. We have had some truly light, fun moments as a family despite feeling icky that I'm grateful for.

-I'm grateful for the wealth of natural resources at my disposal that bring us comfort and healing. Growing up the daughter of a studied herbalist and otherwise naturally inclined mama has been and continues to be such a gift to me. 

-I'm grateful for the flexibility that our combined self-employment gives us, especially at times like these. The freedom to rest when the need arises, and work when we're feeling more up to it (if not really raring to go), is a huge gift which I never take for granted.

And now, on to the refrigerator, which today (weekend of course), seems to be malfunctioning.

- I'm grateful that the freezer is functioning perfectly despite the rising temperatures in the refrigerator. It's keeping our more perishable, more expensive items safe, and this also indicates it's probably a fan, and not something more major like the compressor....

- I'm grateful that it's winter nearly, and cold enough outside that popping most everything in coolers is a viable short term solution.

- I'm grateful that I caught it time to salvage tonight's chicken and that it didn't happen when I had a lot more meat around, like earlier in the week.

- I'm grateful that I caught the milk in time to turn it into yogurt, for surely it's too warm to keep at this point.

- I'm grateful that we have the resources to fix this problem, even in tight times.

- I'm grateful for the opportunity to thoroughly clean out said refrigerator (okay, really stretching here!), which, less face it, doesn't happen all that often. 

- I'm grateful to have learned enough to only let this issue derail me for about 15 minutes, when in the past something like this could have ruined a beautiful day. I'm back to enjoying these moment.

What are you grateful for today?