Monday, September 27, 2010

Finding True North....part 3

Moonshimmering waterfall and Aurora Borealis
Photo Courtesy of Arnar Valdimarsson ,Öxarárfoss at National Park Þingvellir in Iceland 

Small Steps....

Sometimes, when I have a goal, I can be overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of what needs to be done to get there. What I am working now at remembering, is that I only need to take the next step. Sometimes the steps from beginning to end seem clearly laid out and defined, sometimes even the first step seems fuzzy and nebulous. Sometimes the goal itself isn't all that clear.

For me, what's important is not to stop in my own head, but to put myself out there in a concrete way in the direction of my dreams. I have a very rich inner life, in that I can spend a lot of time happily in my own head. The gift in this is that I can create a lot of cool things in theory, the possible curse is that I can get stuck there and never make them reality. And then wonder why my life isn't working in the way I want it to. Once again, the theme for me is balance. To strike that balance between spending enough time dreaming of how it could be and enough time taking action to make it so.

A few years ago Patrick and I had a shared dream of working from home, home schooling our children (we had none yet at the time), and having our lives be simple, creative and sustainable. There have been a lot of detours along the path toward this dream, so much so that I have doubted the feasibility of it, and even doubted my desire for it (and I venture to say Patrick has felt the same way, at least at times). But I'm back now, dreaming, feeling more strongly that this is right for us, although some of the details are still vague. That's okay though, some are falling into place. Patrick has just left a job to work as an independent contractor in the same field, and will be working primarily from home. One piece of the puzzle has just snapped into place. Others will follow...

The next step in this path is's time to create the home space needed to support this life. We have the home, and there's just too much stuff in it for us to function well given as much time that we all spend at home. We, and I especially, as the one holding down the home-front, have a ton of sorting, selling and giving away to do before I get to really settle in to the creating I want to be doing in this home. I have been resistant to this process but it's clearly now time to push through the resistance and do the next step. And still to squeeze in some time to do the fulfilling things that keep me energized.

What is your next (or first step?)