Sunday, May 16, 2010

52 Projects Week 17


Week 17: Installed new smoke detectors.

One of the recent revelations I've had since participating in 52 Projects is that I let the minutiae of life way me down, slow me down, hold me back. Things that are often simple seem big and overwhelming when I try to plan them out in my head. More often than not, I breeze right through something that I've spend who knows how much time comtemplating, planning, and/or worrying about. Ugh!

So stop procratinating and JUST DO IT is a big overlying theme for me here. Hence, the smoke detectors.

They sat for about a month before I installed them. Because Patrick travels so much, and is often so tired when he's home, it's become necessary for me to be more handy...which I like, but have found intimidating. The ultimate installation was SO EASY

Here's the old one...I had to loosen the screws to get it out.

Here are the screws. 

They lined up perfectly with the new bracket. I was partly relieved, partly disappointed, because I really want to learn to install anchors for screws...they, watch, there'd be things hanging all over our house!

Slide the bracke onto the screws, tightened them down.

Slide on and tightened the detector itself. Tested it, yes it works! Loud!

Then repeated the entire process again downstairs. I'm going out to get another for the basement, and probably a couple more for the bedrooms, although we don't use a lot of electronic items in them, so no huge urgency felt there.

On to the next obstacle (or perceived obstacle), time to blow on through.