Saturday, May 15, 2010

Even the strong can crack under the right pressure....

This weekend we had high winds, with gusts up to 70 mph. These winds wreacked havoc throughout the county. In Spencer, where we live recently, a large tree came down and took out 4 cars and damaged the roof of an apartment building.
In our own backyard, there was some damage as well.

A large branch from a maple tree on the property line fell into our neighbor's yard.

And one of our 50+ foot evergreens came down. If you look closely, you can see the top over to the left. The tree broke into 3 pieces.

Here's what remains. It will need to come down too.

The broken end, lying on the ground.

And, for perspective. I have pretty good sized hands.

This tree was apparently strong, with no obvious visible weakness. No rotting, decay, odd bends, or other flaws. We have others that look more fragile, trunks split into multiple tops, one tree that's defintely declining, that withstood the wind.

I started thinking about strength versus fragility in us as humans, and that like the trees, external appearances aren't always revealing. That sometimes we can prepare for the storms in our lives, and sometimes we just have to take them as they come upon us, and try to bend without breaking. Flexiblity comes to mind, and just the desire to remember that we each need to honor both our strengths and fragilities, so that we can prepare for the storms, both predicatable and surprising.