Monday, April 26, 2010

52 Projects Week 14: workout!


This is a simple one, and hopefully a powerful one. I started a workout routine, one that I could include Helena in, since we're together more than not, and also because I want regular exercise to be something she sees me prioritizing.

We have a small area in the basement devoted to exercise. Much work really needs to be done to set up the entire house, let alone the basement. 5 months in a new house isn't really a lot of time to get settled, I'm finding.

This winter I had many excuses for why I did get down there to exercise. Mainly, the cold dark weather made the cold, dark basement unappealing. But it would have made me feel so much better if I had!

So, in our small area, we have a small weight bench (still needs to be set up), an inexpensive elliptical machine gifted to us several years back by a friend, and a mini trampoline we found free on the side of the road.

We decided to take turns using the elliptical and mini tramp. I put in one of Helena's CDs which we haven't used much, Play, by Milkshake. It was great to bounce to! 80% of the music was fast and upbeat and kept us going, and it was really fun.

My mom recently told me (my mom really does know EVERYTHING, it seems), that rebounding, or bouncing on the mini tramp is exceptionally good for you, because the up and down motion positively impacts the lymphatic system. There is a lot of great, clear, easy to understand information about this HERE. I remember from massage school the discussion on the lymphatic system, which is not connected to the heart and therefore is not impacted equally by all forms of cardiovascular exercise. Massage, particularly Lymph Drainage Massage, which is an very very light form of massage, and certain types of exercise will cause the valves within the lymphatic system to open and close. Rebounding is one particularly effective form.

My goal is to do this, or, when, weather permits, another form of exercise 4 times a week. More would be great, but startly off modestly is better for me.

Happy Week!