Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things that made me smile this week...

and I happened to have a camera!

An abundance bell, gift from from Carrie. Ring it to bring in what you'd like an abundance of. She gave a bunch out last week at our local unschool meeting. A few great stories have already come out of these gifts. I'm currently ringing for stamina.

My redone pillows...these are 2 of the 4. I have one more to do, and one I may redo, because I'm not in love with it, but these I'm thrilled with, my favorite being the one on the right.

Free coffee! Patrick gave me these full cards from our favorite local coffee house, Gimme Coffee, easily a year ago. And into the pile on my desk they went, since we lived far enough away at the time that I didn't visit often. Monday, I sorted through part of said pile, and found free coffee for Lynn and I, while our girls went to dance class!

The endless creativity of our sweet daughter and her homemade sandal!