Sunday, April 4, 2010

52 Projects Week 11: Eggs


We've had this packet of clay (Das, Air Hardening) sitting around for over a year. My mom gave it to me because Helena was interested in using it. I felt like a guilty mama everytime I looked at that package and did nothing with it...why not? Not sure. But this week, I pulled it out, we were both excited, and then Helena didn't like the feel of it, or the fact that her hands turned terra cotta colored-yes, my girl is such a Virgo!

So I had fun with it myself, and made these few eggs, in honor of spring, and Easter, and all things fresh and new.

I thought the clay was fun and easy to work with, although it definitely does harden quickly when exposed to air, so I recommend pulling out only a piece small enough to work with and keeping the rest sealed until ready to use. The bumpier texture on the PEACE egg is due to the fact that that piece had begun to set a bit already.

We're going to paint them this week, Helena is excited about this part :-)

Happy Spring!