Sunday, March 21, 2010

52 Projects Week 9: Lined the Cabinets


As I was typing the title of this post, it hit me, that at week 9 (having joined at week 3), I've been at this for nearly two months can this be?

I have kicked into serious organization mode in the last 2 weeks. Maybe it's the springy weather (oh, hooray!). Maybe it's some other change in me (lots of those going on these days), but it's really time to get this house in order!

So this week, I lined the shelves in the kitchen. We've had the shelf lining since our last move, and I pulled it out to use about 3 weeks ago. And there it sat, on top of my refridgerator.

This project was particularly important to me because we have painted cabinets, some paint is chipping off, and I'm not sure what's in the paint. The current coat is fairly recent and likely fine, but what's underneath is likely to contain lead. And it may be getting in our food, primarily on the bottom of pans and plates and rims of drinkware, so eliminating that friction was a priority.

I discovered, for those who sew, that a rotary cutter and cutting board are a great, fast way to cut the webby shelf liner stuff (technical term:-)

And there you have it, my lined shelf. I had enough for about 90% of my cabinets, and plan to pick up some more for the last few tomorrow.

On a separate note, I'm really behind on peeking at what everyone else has been working on, responding to comments, etc....but hope to catch up over the next few days.

Happy Sunday, the sun is still shining here, but threatening to leave soon, so we're off to enjoy some!