Monday, March 1, 2010

Little Me

How do you feel when you look at photos of yourself when you were small?
That's me, on the right. I was 1975 and I was about 3. On the left is my dear and oldest friend Felina, who I am blessed to still know. We're standing on the walkway to my front door, and I can see my dad's Ford in the background.
Gosh, I was cute. Somehow, when I look at this photo, I want to weep. I can see the pureness of me, right there. And I want to remember that. Oh, how I want to remember that, during the harder moments, when it's so easy to fall into being hard on me. When I'm struggling with how to best love my daughter, who's not much bigger than me in this photo. I want to remember that we all, me, she, you.....we all deserve as much love as we can give ourselves, and each other.