Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mouse as Muse

I can't really believe I've been blogging for over a year and never devoted a post to Mouse. Mouse has been a hugely significant part of our family since Helena was about 2 and a half. Mouse was a gift from our good friends Chris and Patty when Helena was born, and she's here to stay. We're all cautiious with Mouse, she comes with us for outings, but only when we're all sure she'll arrive home safely. Losing Mouse is not an option. "Mouse is real, Mouse is a person," Helena stated the other day, and both Patrick and I concur.

So I found myself finishing one project tonight and unsure of which one to start next. And then I looked at Mouse, who usually accompanies Helena to bed, but was up late with me tonight. And I thought, why on earth haven't I made more things for Mouse? Largely, it's because I've only gotten back into sewing regularly, recently. And also, because, well, there are no mouse clothing patterns that I've come tonight, I made my own patterns, and made pajamas for Mouse to match Helena's new ones (photos of those later).

Mouse is great to sew for, she's very accepting of all the imperfections in my pattern are the results. I think Mouse will be getting a whole new wardrobe over the coming months.