Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stunned, Sad

I have to admit to being particularly weepy this week...hormones? I have been crying over many things, big and small..

But right now I am crying over I know so many of us are. I'm shocked, I'm sad, and I want to help. One of the many things I've been reading is that the help, monetary, especially, needs to come quickly because this is a country without the resources to respond quickly on it's own. One article I read reminded me that after 911 the response in our country and from around the world was so strong. We're so incredibly fortunate to be in a position here, to have access to so many resources, so much support. Not everyone is so lucky.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

This is a clickable link, you can donate at this site. I donated what I felt we could...anything amount, large or small, can help. Many of us are stretched right now...we're still paying off debt from when things weren't so good, not so long ago. But somehow, in the face of this, that doesn't matter to me so much.

I'm off to cry some more over the dishes in the sink. And to wonder what more I can do.