Sunday, October 10, 2010

Loving the Light

Having grown up and spent the first 32 years of my life in southern California, I have to admit that I took sunlight for granted. When it's all you know, and there's just, well, so much of it, it's easy to really appreciate it. As I move into my 8th real winter here in the east, I no longer take the light for granted.

I was prepared for cold, but not for how dreary it can be here. We have a lot of rainfall here, which accounts for the lush beauty of the area. But we can also go days without seeing the sun. It took me some time to realize this affected me. I think I really noticed it a couple of winters ago, when my then 4 year old daughter began to point out shafts of sunlight that occasionally streamed through the windows on cold winter days. She would grab my hand, and say "mama, I have a surprise for you, " then pull me into the room and position me so that the sun beamed into my face. I guess I had been pretty obvious in my delight at these bits of sunshine.

I have come to really love the light as it changes through the seasons here, and I noticed it particularly as the days get shorter and shorter as we move toward winter. There's something especially poignant to me about the autumn light.

These are from our backyard, yesterday, and this morning.


Miranda said...

Love the fall light! My favorite time of year.


I was born and raised in Southern California and by the grace of God I hope I die here. I've never had the desire to live any place on earth besides right here in sunny So. Cal. earthquakes and all.

Your always welcome to come back home. There's always room for one more family.

Jane said...

I grew up here on the east coast and the changing of the seasons is something I really love. I love winter the most when I can make fires at night and wear cozy sweaters and scarves.

lakeviewer said...

Gorgeous pictures! I had no idea you came from Southern Cal. I spent most of my adulthood in Los Angeles and vicinity, and I too miss the sun and the heat in the dark months of winter.