Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Schooling: New York State Letter of Intent

Yes, we're officially back to home schooling. For those who are interested, or maybe considering home schooling and wonder what's involved, here's the beginning of the process in New York State once your child reaches age 6, when education becomes compulsory. 

Step One, File your Letter of Intent.

In New York, once you decide to home school your child, you have to file a Letter of Intent with your school district. This is usually directed to the school superintendent, but in districts which have a large enough home schooled population, you may have a "home school coordinator" assigned. In our case, it goes to the superintendent. 

The letter is simple, just a few lines identifying your child and stating your intention to school at home. Here is the format I used:

Dear (Superintendent),

RE: (child's full name)
Age: (child's age)
Date of birth: (child's DOB)
Grade level: (child's grade level)

We reside in the (your school) District. We are planning to instruct our (son or daughter), (child's name) at home for the 2010-2011 academic year.


 (parents names)

That's it! Very simple! Mail or email. 

This needs to be sent to your school district annually, either by July 1st for the coming school year, or as soon as you know you plan to home school, if the current school year has begun and your child is already in school.

The next step, which I believe you have a few weeks to complete, is to file your IHIP, or Independent Home Instruction Plan. Once you mail in your Letter of Intent, you should receive information about what is expected for the IHIP. My letter of intent goes out today, I'll let you know what I get back from our school system.

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I've always admired people who take on the task of home schooling their children. God bless you and have a great year. :-)