Monday, August 30, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook, August 30, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook
August 30, 2010
For Today....

Outside my window...the sky is dark still, and all is black. It's only 5:30 and the sun is coming up later and later these days.

I am thinking...of all that's on my list, and all that I want to do instead.

I am thankful...for these quiet moments to gather myself, feeling really scattered these days.

From the's chaos in there, and time soon to return it to order so breakfast can commence. 

I am meet a friend, do a bit of work, then some swim time this last week of summer before school begins.

I am pj', still summery ones for now.

I am Creating...a smoother, gentler day than yesterday.

I am currently...pondering what changes I want to make to be more of who I choose to be.

I am reading...finished "The Last Voyage of the Valentina,"  yesterday, haven't started anything new.

I am waiting...for things to calm down...and thinking it's probably me who needs to calm down.

I am hoping...for a peaceful, fun day.

I am hearing...crickets chirping outside the window.

Around the house...more chaos, an outward symbol of how I feel internally.

One of my favorite things...making something new from something old and discarded.

A few plans for the rest of the week: taking H horseback riding, being home a lot more. planning H's bday party.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...even spaghetti can smile, and so should I!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

52 Projects, Week 29...weenie roast & Lemonade from Lemons.


Wow! I'm so very far behind! I think I have something to post for nearly all the weeks I missed, but it will take me some time to catch up. I thought I'd start from now, and work backwards when and if time allows.

This week we built a fire ring, at the site where we lost out 60 foot pine to a wind storm several months ago. It was a sad thing to lose such a big old tree, but I liked turning it into something good, lemons into lemonade, so to speak. More about that here.

Helena really wanted to roast hotdogs over our new fire pit...a first for me. It was a lot of fun to cook simply over the fire, and will be even better as the weather cools.

Here's our new fire ring, complete with benches and chairs made from the tree that came down. In the back right of the photo you can see the enormous mulch pile from the branch and needles we had chipped up. We're starting to put it to good use.

Getting Ready for the School Year

Yes, the school year. My daughter, nearly 6, will be attending first grade in just a few short weeks. Ah, me...

Still such a strange thing for me, to have a daughter in school. I,  who had nearly always been homeschooled myself, and always thought I would home school my children. But she had different ideas. More about that here

She loved her 4 weeks in school, for the most part, bounced out of bed each morning ready to greet the day, and came skipping down the hall to me at pick-up time. That should be enough for me, and for the most part, it is, for now. That she likes it, seems to be thriving in her school environment, and is eager to return.

But I have questions, niggling thoughts, although I'm really trying to let them go. The public school environment seems uninspiring to me, although I suppose it doesn't have to be, and I'm pondering that as well.

I had a interesting and lovely conversation with my little sister, homeschooled also, but 18 years my junior and just now coming into adulthood. I mentioned the recent thought I'd had about how growing up in our family was deceptively open-minded. In other words, many, unique and unconventional lifestyle choices were openly accepted, but conventionality not so much.

So, as I sit with this, I'm faced with that modeling. That I was taught a lot about what was good, and it was all fairly maybe not such an open minded approach to life, and that, in and of itself, is contrary to what I want to teach my daughter.

Ultimately, I don't know where this all leads, and therein lies the rub. I'm a planner, you know, and I prefer it life that way. Not that I really still suffer under the illusion that one can plan a life, but, still, there's some comfort for me in that. But then I have to laugh at the irony in this. After all, this idea that I would be a mother, and would home school my children, was a huge factor in much of my decision making for my adult life. I admit to being at a bit of a loss. But all of this will work itself out for me in time, I'm sure.

In the meantime, we had fun today shopping for her list of school supplies, and I am, with more and more anticipation than trepidation, enjoying this unexpected path that life is taking us on.