Tuesday, June 22, 2010

52 Projects Week 22: Fresh Rolls!


One of my very favorite things to eat is Fresh Rolls. I first discovered them at the Taste of Thai Booth at the IthacaFest 2 years ago. Mmm....I was working a booth, and went back many times over the weekend for these.

This post, at Beauty that Moves inspired my week 22 project.

Can you believe I forgot to take a photo of the finished results? Oh well, they were really good and pretty simple to make. I already had the baked tofu on hand. We added shredded carrots, cabbage, lettuce and a mix of mint & basil. I love that combination of tastes.
I made a dipping sauce by combining a cup of Hoisin Sauce with about 1/4 cup peanut butter and 2 TBSP of rice vinegar.
Helena loved making them and became the master roller after a few tries. We brought them to a picnic and they went fast. Mmmm, really worth a try if you like this sort of thing. Also, vegan in this case (though they'd be great with chicken or shrimp too!), and gluten-free.


Lori ann said...

at first i thought you meant bread, and i couldnt understand what i was seeing, perhaps it's too early for blogging! i agree, i love rolls and wraps, and it's a great way to get children to eat their veggies!
I liked your previous post too, you put into words where many of us have been.
have a wonderful week!

Erika (for Arianna :) said...

That sounds delicious! I am hungry now.

Jane said...

That sounds awesome! I love how involved your daughter gets with some of the projects. And good for you for teaching her good healthy eating at a young enough age that it really has the chance to become a habit for her.

K A B L O O E Y said...

Yum! I love them too and posted about my bastardized version a few months ago (week 11). But yours sound more authentic and quite tasty. Thanks for reminding me I still have wrappers in the pantry. Also, thanks for reminding me of some very nice Summers spent in Ithaca.

Diana said...

Thanks everyone!

Kablooey, when and why were you in Ithaca?

Helena doesn't much like the rolls as much as she likes to make them, but she does eat an eclectic mix of foods already (including seaweed!) and I figure exposure is the key right now.