Friday, June 4, 2010

52 Projects, Week 19, Photo Screen Saver


Recent complexity in our lives necessitated a simple project last week, which I'm once again late in posting. But this simple project is bringing me a lot of joy.

This is a relatively simple process, to set up your screensaver to scroll through the photos on your hard drive.
 Click Choose Screen Saver.
In Windows XP, go to Control Panel, then Appearances and Themes.

In the window that opens up, click on the Screen Saver drop down menu (right next to the settings button). From there, selecy My Pictures Screen Saver.

That's pretty much it, except that you need to make sure that your photos are actually stored in My Pictures.

I'm really loving this! I get to see photos from the past 10 years or so that I don't often have time to sit down and look through. Everything from Helena as an infant forward, to photos of our SD house before and after, to pictures of other loved ones, near, far and some who have passed on.


Lori ann said...

That is very cool, thank you for sharing Diana. I have been looking through my childrens photos too, but they are in boxes, i'm deciding whether i'll put them on my computer. Such joy though to remember!

Jane said...

Great project, Diana! We all seem to spend such a decent amount of time on the computer, why not personalize it with treasured images?

newmumover40 (to be!) said...

Isn't it a wonderful way to view your photos. All of a sudden you look at your computer and something old and totally unexpected flashes in front of you and brings wonderful memories and warm feelings with it!

MrB said...

Simple is good, and I have a few screen savers like this since I have three different computers I use regularly. On old work laptop has become my digital picture frame; I only turn it on to activate the screen saver.