Tuesday, May 11, 2010

52 Projects Weeks 15 & 16


Week 15: Began our flower garden.

I've never had just a flower garden. I've done vegetables and wish there were time to get a plot in for that this year, but alas, it's not in the cards. Luckily, mom & dad have a big plot we can share the work in and reap the rewards...and my mom's thumb is much greener than mine. Must see if I can my my thumb against hers more often and see if some will rub off on me.

Flowers seems like such a luxury in a way, and yet, in a climate where it's cold and dreary for nearly half the year, it's become easier for me to see beautiful growing things in the warm months as more necessity.

This year, we started one or flower garden. Our neighbor has one that butts up against our property line, and it's so lovely, full of blooming perennials. The thin line of trees that create the separation created a natural starting point. I'm excited to be working mostly within current landscape, adding a few things but not changing it otherwise. Maintenance free is definitely my style.

This is about half the large bunch of Irises my mom gave me from their yard. I spread most of the throughout the bed we're creating..a few went in the front yard. It will be interesting to see how they do. We have more shade then sun in our yard, and the bulbs I put in in the fall did bloom, just a little later than average. I think Irises prefer sun, but we'll see.

The bed will hug the right side of this tree line. We started a rock border, and will add more as we dig them out of the many rocks in our upstate soil. It can be frustrating when first dig to hit so many obstacles, but it leaves a lot to build with.

Week 16: Created a master shopping list and labeled the pantry items

More organization in our home has definitely been called for, and last week I tackled some of it. Patrick has been requesting that I label the bottles and jars that we refill regularly. I know pretty much what everything is by sight, but he's got less familiarity with it all. So, with Helena's (who loves everything with letters these days) help, I printed labels for pretty much everything that needed them. Like here.

Then I created a master shopping list. This is something I've been meaning to so for ages. I'm not sure why I waited so long, it was so simple. I made categories that basically reflected the different shopping areas in the grocery store, then listed them items we like to keep on hand as staples or buy regularly. It's a work in progress, some things will be added as they occur, others may go away. And there's space to write in items I might need just this week. I have one on the side of the refrigerator, and as I'm aware that something is low, I can add it to the list.

Already, this is cutting down on my frustration with forgetting things we need, and needing to make another trip. And from a budget standpoint, fewer trips to the grocery store mean less spending, since it's easy to grab this or that other thing when stopping for the one or two items that didn't make the list.

I made this in Excel and would be happy to share if any one could benefit from my work...let's just do it once, right? You can then modify to your own needs.

Have a great week (or two, since that seems to be my frequency with getting these projects up here).


Alisha said...

Oh a label maker! Love the idea of pantry organization. I need to work on my mine. Great job. And good luck with the garden!

Jane said...

I love your projects this week! I wish I had a green thumb and a decent amount of yard to plant a veggie garden. I like all kinds of gardens but if I had to choose one it would be veggies. I loved reading your grocery list. I'm fascinated every time I grab a cart at the grocery store and find a list that has been left behind. I love to see what kinds of things other people eat. Great job on the labels too!!!

My Castle in Spain said...

The irises will look so nice next to this tree!
yes, you should try growing a citrus in a pot...its sight will always remind you of the sunny days..

lakeviewer said...

You are organized! Impressive list, btw. Enjoyed this new site of yours.

Diana said...

Thanks Rosario, glad you are enjoying!