Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh so grateful!

Just to be alive and in the thick of it all! Sometimes, especially after sitting for awhile balancing the checkbook and other sometimes nerve wracking tasks, I just need to remember.

Remember that life is so good, that I had today, and if I'm lucky I have a lot more tomorrows. That their kisses are sweet, that those purrs and meows are there to remind me to slow down, that the sunshine was bright today, that the big fat earthquake in SO Cal spared the so many that I love there, that the piles I wade through are actually smaller, that I have SO so very much to be grateful for every day. I ache when I think of the moments I take all of this, and so much more for granted. And am so grateful for the reminders (thank you Jane!) when they come, just when I need them.

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Jane said...

There is so much to be grateful for. I've been making little lists in my journal each day to remind me. I'm grateful that all of my credit cards and my car have been paid off in full for the past year and a half but I remember when I did have to sit down each month and write those checks I told myself that I was grateful for getting closer and closer to paying them off ;)