Monday, March 15, 2010

52 Projects: Weeks 7 & 8, Rice Bag and Growing Up


I am a week+ late with week 7, and a day late with week 8, but here I am, just the same.

Last week, week 7 we worked on a very late gift (I won't confess just how late:-(, are you sensing the late theme in my life? ), and it was so simple, it's definietly going on our list of holiday handmade gifts. We received two of these 2 christmases ago (love you Cheryl!), hence the inspiration:

We made a Rice Neck Warmer. The kind you pop in the microwave for 3 minutes to sooth sore muscles, and by the way, they're great as winter foot warmers as well. This was so simple and fast. I took a scrap of flannel, 5" x 23" and folded it in half, wrong side out. Stiched up the long side and one short side. Then I serged the seam, but you could zig zag instead, to reinforce the stiching. At that point it looked like this:

Here's a close up of the serged edges. I want my own serger, this one has graciously been loaned to me.

And the we turned it inside out and filled it with about 2.5 pounds of rice. You want it to be full, but loose enough to bend around your neck or lower back. Then we turned the raw edges under, ironed them flat, and stiched it closed. That's it!

My week 8 project was much less tangible. I have been pondering this for awhile now (yes, I do a lot of pondering), and conversation with a dear, dear friend (if you're reading this, which I doubt you have time for these days, I love you honey!), solidified it for me.

This friend of mine and I were talking about some changes in her life (don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE our friends for the mirrors they are for us?) and said something like (paraphrasing here, ) "I just don't want to work so hard to have people like/want to spend time with me."

My response was something like: "here's the person I want to be, am not yet, but am closer to than ever before in my life. I want to be the person who says, I'm pretty a fucking darn awesome person, and if you're a pretty fucking darn awesome person to, than we'll both recongnize that and want to hang around together, and if not, why bother."

Fairly simple (and excuse the profanity, but yes, I do sometimes talk that way), but such a revelation to me as it poured out of my mouth. Aha!

Fairly simple, not necessarily earth shattering, but wow, when I said it out loud, I just knew it was time. Time to start walking that talk. I have been anyway, but doing it intentionally is something more solid and profound. I have the good fortune of beginning some new friendships, and I'm too tired, my life is too full, for me to try hard anymore.

Time to JUST BE ME.

And to have that be okay.


dreamer said...

Love the rice bag, might have to try a few of those as gifts.Do you heat them up just as is or add a cup of water in the microwave at the same time to stop the rice drying out too much?

lakeviewer said...

A good lesson to live by: you can only be who you are!

Often, we want to be accepted and appreciated, and we bend and twist to fit into that other person's ideal. It's good to keep growing; it's insane to keep pleasing someone else.

Jane said...

I love, love, love the rice bag and your moment of self-discovery. Recently my daughter had some kind of weird stomach thing where she had a stomach ache for a few days. Through Googling, I came across a project to fill some cloth with rice or beans and heat it in the microwave. Great little heating pad idea but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I will now!

K A B L O O E Y said...

Have no idea how to do any of the sewing parts or what serging even is, but love the idea of making these out of soft old flannel. And I love my heating pad and the idea of getting one that someone made for me is so sweet. I'm sure they'll be great gifts. As for the realization that you shouldn't have to work so hard to please others? That's one of the best parts of getting older for me (it ain't the creaky knees and sore back) -- that self-acceptance.

Arianna (Erika) said...

I have never thought of what was inside the warmers! Thanks for the inside. And for your next project, I sort of have the same revelation not too long ago :)

newmumover40 (to be!) said...

Sewing is not my thing, doubt it ever will be!! So it was great to see your rice bag project.

I would never have thought of using self-discovery as a project. This is fantastic! I think all of us can relate to this one. I'm so glad you shared your growing with us!

Lori ann said...

It's so interesting to me how we seem to learn these lessons with age (hopefully we do!)
those rice bags are fun!

afamilyplace said...

Love you to Di! :)

afamilyplace said...

Love you too Di! :)