Sunday, February 28, 2010

52 Projects Week 6: We made sushi!


This week me made sushi. I had one failed attempt at sushi several years ago---decided to wing is, did no research, and used long grain rice...results were a tasty but crumbling mess. I went out afterward and bought the proper rice, and never got around to making it until, finally, this week.

This time, I followed instructions. If you google how to cook sushi rice, there are many, detailed sets of instructions. I was overwhelmed by some of them, and finally settled on using Alton Brown's method, which tasted and worked great.

We rinsed the rice and drained it until it was fairly clear-I found I needed about 6 rinsings to get fairly clear water, rather than the 2-3 in the instructions. After rinsing, it looked like this:

Then we cooked it according to the instructions. It came out nice and sticky and quite tasty and looking like this:

Then we laid out all of our ingredients and implements. I tend to be impatient with preparation, and generally wanting to dive right in, but it really helped to have everything right at hand. In our picture, from left to right, top row first: bowl of cold water (for dipping hands and knife), cooked and cooled sushi rice, shredded carrots (our choice of filling), nori sheets, and the bamboo rolling mat.

We checked the rice again for flavor, and all was well.

Then we spread about a cup on all but the top inch. Then spread a row of carrots in the middle, and rolled. I found we needed to seal the outer edge with cold water to make it stick a bit better.

The finished rolls looked like this.

And ready to serve, like this.

It was really easy, and so good. We'll be making them again soon, and I think I'll add it to my list of entertaining foods, because they're easily prepared the night before.
My favorite online instructions for rolling were found here.


Jane said...

Oh my goodness...this looks awesome! This past X-mas I treated myself to a sushi making kit that was on sale at my local Borders. I attempted the California Roll but it did not turn out nearly as awesome looking as this! What a great healthy thing to make :)

dreamer said...

Those look yummy! I bought some nori sheets a while ago with intentions of trying sushi for the first time but still haven't got around to it. You make it look so easy! :)

MrB said...

I love sushi and have never made it myself. I may steal your idea ;)

Nice job

Arianna (Erika) said...

Love sushi! I always thought that will be too hard to make. I need to try this now!

faerwillow said...

~yeah! wonderful project to try and they looks oh so yummy...brightest blessings~

onasilentsea said...

yumm! i am intimidated by sushi making. but i should try!

Diana said...

This really is quite easy...some steps involved, but the results are worth the effort. Try it, you'll be so glad you did :-)