Sunday, February 21, 2010

52 Projects Week 5: Always Remember


This has been a rather trying, stressful week, for reasons I'd rather not even get into, because, quite frankly, I've spent enough energy in a less than positive direction for this week.

Jane, from The Painted House and 52 Projects posted this week about affirmation cards she's been making. So this week I decided to hang a Vision Board Holder I made, and instead of displaying a Vision Board (it's really time for a new one), I made a list of favorite quotes to focus me, and another list of items on the front burner right now, to focus me on the more stressful days when I need extra help. It hangs where I can see it from our bed. It was a soothing thing to work on for me when I needed extra grounding, and simple, which I also needed this week.


holiday girl said...

This is a lovely idea especially if you are feeling down........I love inspirational sayings to help lift my mood

lakeviewer said...

That's a big list!

Lis said...

Great looking board and a wonderful way to remember to take a pause in your day and read your affirmations. I need to do this in our back mudroom, so before rushing out the door I will see some words of calm and peace :)

Jane said...

I love this project! The idea of putting up a board in a place where you can see those visual reminders every day is awesome. I love all the items on your list!