Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holidays, Shopping and Meaning

The holidays are upon us! So quickly, it seems, November is already drawing to a close, and the year will soon be ending.

This time of year always brings up ambivalent feelings for me. I love the spirit of the holiday season, and, to a certain extent, I love the gift giving aspect of it. But somehow, ever since I transitioned from childhood to adulthood (and thus left some of the magic behind?), I have a certain hollow feeling as we move into this time of year.

Helena and I will be volunteering next with our local homeschooling group to make pies for the Red Cross, which will be delivered to people who need. I'm excited about this! This aspect of service is something I want more consistently in my life, and one that I definitely want to instill in Helena from an early age. It feels good, it helps, and it reminds me of how small my own inner world is (which I can get so wrapped up in at times, ad nauseum) and how much more there is out there than me. This opportunity to get together with others and do something that helps feels magical to me...there, it's coming back a bit!

The gift giving aspect weighs me down, still. But I had an idea...of how it would mean more to me.

I really want to give more handmade items...would love to make all of my own, but life intervenes and that isn't always realistic (we just moved, and I still can't get to my sewing machine!).

So in light of this, I thought it would be wonderful to give more items made by other small artisan business, and even just items, not handmade, but sold by small sellers. I had a small Ebay business a few years back that did a modest volume, and that income was a real help to our family.

So, to get to the idea, I would love to feature, over the next few weeks, listings of individual sellers with handmade items or just small, mom & pop type online shops. I have a few things to sell myself, not much these days, but it is so fun to make a sale!

If you are one of these sellers, or know of someone who would be interested, please contact me. I would love to ad you to my posts. I'll do my best to market this, and would ask that everyone who participates spread the word in what ever way they can: blog, facebook, twitter, email lists, word of mouth....anyway that you usually connect with customers.

Connecting with and supporting others is such a warm, holiday feeling to me! Here's to a season of love and support!