Monday, November 16, 2009

Extra Blankets???

Saturday I was googling for sewing blogs to fuel my fire (which doesn't need much these days!), and found Rachelcoxdesigns. She does some beautiful work, so go on over and take a peak. But my eyes were drawn to the button on the side, which looks like this. I've since added it to my blog as well.

As previously mentioned, I'm in the unpacking and sorting phase of moving and am aware of an overabundance of things, many different kinds of things. One category is blankets. Somehow (Patrick!) we have accumulated a lot more blankets than we can use in the foreseeable future. That's my new criteria, by the way. If I like it and can imagine using it in the forseeable future, it can stay, otherwise, bye bye!

But I digress. There are so MANY worthy causes out there, but this one really touched me at this moment. This is a project to send blankets to the children of teen mothers in the Kentucky Appalachians, to some people with so very little. The idea of anyone being cold, especially someone small, makes my heart ache. How fortunate I am to have something that will help here. My box is nearly packed, will go out this week.

If you have extra blankets, I have the address, email me or you can also contact Rachel Cox through her blog. They can be handmade or just any blanket in good condition provided they're not wool (an allergen for some), and size twin or smaller.