Friday, November 13, 2009

Little Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop

And yes, I do mean little. I have a whopping 3 items for sale. But I figured mention of it was in order.

You see, in my quest for "finding myself", i.e., what's the work I love, I have several times read that one should look back to childhood for clues.

I have always loved to make things, paint things, sew things, otherwise create things. I can remember one December when I was about 8 spending hours painting pictures on leftover board ends from shelves my dad had made....I gave them as gifts to my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I doubt any of these are still floating around but the memory of creating them, of finding the boards, spreading newspaper all over the green shag carpet in my bedroom, of mixing my own paint colors, that memory is vivid and fresh.

My intensely practical nature has led me in many other work directions....being a starving artist, or a production artist never seemed for me....

But at this point in my life, a new year has begun (birthday this week), and it just seems time to jump in.

I have a zillion ideas of things to make...not always much time, but here, at least, are a few of my creations if you'd like to take a peek.