Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn in Upstate

I have definitely had the feeling that Autumn has been passing quickly this year. My head has been down, packing boxes, pushing paper, getting ready to move and I have been fighting a persistant cold for several weeks (and honestly, not resting enough).

But Sunday, when I went out to dump compost, the brillance of that autumn day struck me enough that I dashed back in for my camera. Here are a few moments of autumn in our yard.

Leaves on Helena's Playhouse

The Geese are Leaving...a sure sign that winter is coming.

O Our very old barn.....not so much autumn here, but I love the look of it. After almost 7 years here, I sometimes forget that these cool, old, decrepit buildings we see everywhere were novel once.

Maple leaves that Helena collected and set on our bench.

The leaves that stuck to my shoes when I came back inside.
May you bask in the glory of autumn, wherever you are.