Thursday, March 19, 2009

Theme Thursday.....Vegetable

My Hopeful Garden

Happy Theme Thursday!

March is a fickle month here in Upstate. It can be 60 and gorgeous one day, and 30 and snowing the next. Myself, and most everyone I know around here are absolutely itching for spring. I find myself impatient with the cold weather, though spring has not yet technically begun.

This year we plan to have a large garden, enough to fill our fresh food needs for the spring, summer, and autumn, and hopefully enough to can and freeze some for winter.

We planted our first seedlings weeks ago, and most have yet to sprout despite our grow light (since we lack good windows with southern exposure). But, less than a week after planting, these little Kale plants came popping optimistically through the soil, and are growing rapidly. This photo is about a week old, some are already two inches tall.

My bulbs have yet to push through the winter soil, though it seems that most everyone else's have....I know this is just my impatience, but I'm really READY for spring.

But my Kale is growing and thriving...I check them multiple times a day! So I can hang on until the warmer weather is here to stay....

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